Patented Stainless Strainers


A revolutionary invention for water safety
Simple. Different. Better
  • Interactive Fountains:  Yas Island
  • Fountains:  Denver Tech Center
  • Water Parks:  El Conquistador Waterpark
  • Commercial Pools:  Aquatica at Sea World
  • Architectural Features:  America the Beautiful
  • Splash Pads: City of Lakewood

ProFlo believes in unique and simple designs that solve common problems in both the recreational and industrial water industry.  We strive to incorporate a streamlined business system that allows us to play on a large scale while maintaining the customer service and flexibility of a small company.  We are driven to design unique and beautiful products with patented and revolutionary new technology that simply works better! 

logoProFlo is motivated by product performance and our customers appreciate the subtle but profound advantages our products provide.  Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the water equipment industry and build meaningful and long lasting relationships with our customers.  Our products will change the equipment room all together.  ProFlo is different kind of company, and different is better!
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