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A revolutionary invention for water safety
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Wayne Kraft, President and founder of ProFlo Inc., started his career in the water industry over 45 years ago. In the mid 60's Wayne served an apprentice program learning the basics of pool repair, design and construction. In the 70's he designed and built swimming pools and created "VinylCrete", a revolutionary concept in pool design, which has become the high end standard for today's builders. In the early 80's Wayne engineered alternative energy heating systems for the swimming pool and spa industry. During his tenure as the owner of Institutional Pool Consultants (IPC), Wayne had the opportunity to develop products for the pool industry which dramatically increased the safety of pool operations. His design commitment led to the development of an adjustable surface cleaning system that optimized water quality and assured the owner long term performance on his investment.

Because of the need for quality water equipment, Mr. Kraft started ProFlo Inc. in the early 2000’s. Over the past decade, ProFlo has refined its complete product line and has set a new standard in the industry for high quality unique products that simply work better and more efficiently. One of the company’s most notable achievements came with the reinvention of the pot strainer.

The Birth of the ProStrainer

After meeting with a water consultant over lunch in 2003, it was brought to Wayne’s attention that there was a significant need in the industry for a better strainer. The strainer has always been the weak link in the equipment room when it comes to filtration. Most strainers have the same basic design and design flaws. The biggest problem has been they work against the flow of water and are therefore inefficient at doing their job.

Wayne was challenged to design a smarter and more efficient strainer and that is exactly what he did. Shortly after that meeting, he had designed a completely different way to strain large debris and protect the pump. He turned the pipe on its side and allowed the water to flow naturally through the strainer by using Horizontal Laminar Flow (HLF). Instead of one bulky basket, the new strainer would have two smaller and easier to handle baskets.

The ProStrainer, as it would come to be known, would eventually take the crown for having the lowest industry footprint and the most open area of any strainer on the market. Six years later the ProStrainer has become the new standard in the industry. The revolutionary and patented ProStrainer is widely used, not only because it is more efficient than the competition, but it is actually three products in one. In addition to straining debris, the machine is also a water straightner and an auto air evacuator.

ProFlo’s reputation for customer service and great products has allowed it to slowly grow into one of the most reputable water equipment companies in the US.