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A revolutionary invention for water safety
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How it works


#1 Dirty contaminated water (red) is pulled into the ProStrainer by the pump connected to the flange at #8.

#2 Large debris such as plastic garbage bags or newspaper will get caught on the ProStrainer bag grabber center post.

#3 Water enters the ProStrainer body, it slows down allowing debris to separate based on its size and weight.

#4 Heavier debris settles to the bottom, #5 lighter debris floats to the back panels, and air will rise to the top #6 where it accumulates eventually forming an air bubble #7. When the accumulated air reaches a certain size the pump collapses the bubble and pulls it through the pump volute in one quick accelerated action. This process dramatically reduces pump cavitation...



ProStrainer™ Suggested Typical Installation

Typical Installation


  1. Water is pulled from the venue by the pump to the ProStrainer
  2. Discharge pressure gauge
  3. Vacuum gauge should be installed between ProStrainer effluent and pump suction port for  most accurate vacuum reading.. Vacuum at startup of new system should read between 1 and 3 inches of Mercury (Hg). Or 1.13 to 3.39 PSI.
  4. Draw latches have torque adjustment for proper seal
  5. Glazing Lid has built in handles for lid removal.
  6. Standard Model comes with clear “See Thru” lid.
  7. ProStrainer supply isolation valve
  8. Dual patented basket design dramatically improves performance.
  9. ProStrainer Body with annealed welds and special finish.
  10. Pump discharged water usually goes to a filter and then back to venue.
  11. Venue balancing and flow control valve
  12. Concentric increaser fitting
  13. Pump and ProStrainer isolation valve for service and shut down
  14. Vibration Dampener on each side of pump.
  15. Pump Motor should have high energy efficiency rating due to continuous duty cycle.
  16. Pump pad isolation dampeners
  17. Soft start or VFD motor starter on 5 H.P motors and up
  18. ProStrainer drain and winterizing plug.
  19. Be sure you have the minimum NPSH required by the pump manufacturer
  20. Maximum allowable water level is 13 PSI or 30 feet. Consult factory for higher ratings.
ProStrainerTM Suggested Typical Installation