Patented Stainless Strainers


A revolutionary invention for water safety
Simple. Different. Better

ProFlo has developed a unique and specialized line of products for the strainer industry.  The original ProStrainer was invented after it was discovered that there was a significant lack of performance and quality in the strainer industry. ProFlo revolutionized the strainer business when it released the patented ProStrainer. Built in strainless steel, the ProStrainer actually offers three products in one. 

ProStrainer™ PSV

ProStrainer is a pump strainer, a flow straightener, and an auto air evacuator combined in one beautifully designed and energy efficient product.


ProStrainer™ HP

The next generation ProStrainer HP (High Pressure), is designed for 12" to 24" flanges and pressure rated up to 100 psi. The HP model still offers all the features and benefits of the ProStrainer but can handle higher pressures for more industrial applications.

ProStrainer HP


ProStrainer™ AB

The electric self-cleaning screen filter enables high quality filtering at degrees of 100 to 4000 micron from different types of fluid sources such as sewage, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and wells.